Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

What I'm doing today: I had choir this morning from 8 till 12, then I got to go get waffle sandwiches at a food cart with my husband and Evan (Ben was working). Portland's food cart scene makes me very happy, so I didn't mind that this was not a decadent brunch buffet with a chocolate fountain like we did that one time when I didn't have choir on Mother's Day, but instead a ten-minute chowing down of waffles at an outdoor picnic table next to another picnic table where the people had their little dogs on the table top (which--I'm sorry, I like dogs!--but that's just gross).

Tonight we'll be going out for a nice dinner with my in-laws. No waffle carts for them, no dogs on the table. Steak.

What's been happening on Worducopia: It's been pretty quiet here these past couple of weeks. I've had my sister visiting and was in Seattle for most of last week, so I have a couple of posts up about that. Nothing about anything literary for two weeks. Hmm.

What I'm reading: Book Club meets here on Tuesday and I'm, like, 50 pages in on The Lemon Tree. This is not optimal. (!!!)

Also, the sad story of Wildwood is that, after a very promising start, it got too long in the middle, then started looking up again, and then....
(er, Colin Meloy, if you're reading this, just stop here because no good will come of you reading on.)
Three chapters from the the characters head down the road for the final battle scene....the huge climax of the entire long novel....I asked Evan if he was ready to read the next chapter with me and he said:

"Can we just stop Wildwood? I'm tired of these characters and I really don't care what happens next. It'll be a big long battle.... but I just don't care anymore."

So, there you have it. We put it down, with three chapters to go. Charmed by the characters and the setting, delighted by the drawings, drawn in by the story.... It just went on too, too long. For the boy who had the patience for every last page of Little Women.

I still want to do a Wildwood photo walk, though.

What I'm watching: We started watching Once Upon a Time last night on Netflix. After two episodes, I'm looking forward to seeing more, but not entirely hooked yet. It feels like it hasn't quite gotten started, I guess.

We also watched Secondhand Lions, which I enjoyed a lot until I totally fell asleep and missed the last 15 minutes.

What I'm thinking: That, on this Mother's Day, I feel so incredibly lucky:
For the two boys who make motherhood a joy 99% of the time, a mom I adore, and a lovely mom-in-law who is oh-so good to us. Not to mention the husband who helps hold it all together. Then there are all my mama friends (including my sister) who inspire me and support me as we stumble along together, pretending we know exactly what we're doing in this crazy, beautiful adventure.


  1. Secondhand Lions is a great movie.Too bad about Wildwood. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    1. I did! Dinner out was magnificent, quite the contrast to the waffle cart. My boys even dressed up!