Saturday, May 11, 2013

Seattle snapshots

We took lots of photos of our wonderful trip to Seattle, but most of them are on my husband's computer. For now, I will share a few that were taken on my phone.

We concluded that if we had a kayak we'd just as soon haul it out of the water and portage, rather than hang with the big boats inside the Ballard locks. According to the worker I asked, though, the kayakers who go through the locks are not insane. "We take good care of them,"  he said. Aw.

This was not the most impressive vehicle in America's Car Museum in Tacoma, but it was definitely the funniest.

I didn't take any photos of the fish stall guys tossing fish around in Pike Place Market, but I did snap this shot of the friendly monkfish. 

I'll be writing more about my Seattle adventures when I write up my post for the Pin it and Do it Challenge . . . unless, of course, I fail my own personal Complete-a-Challenge-and-Write-Up-the-Post Challenge (There is no link. This challenge only exists inside my head).

You, too, can post a Saturday Snapshot! For details, or to view more participating photos, see At Home With Books.


  1. Even though I live near Tacoma I've never been to the car museum. Now that I know it has the Flintstone's car, I'm going!

    1. It was a fun place to visit, Anne. We have a car buff in the family, but I think the collection and info would be interesting to most adults.

  2. Ha, I love the monkfish asking to be followed on Twitter...

  3. The Flintstones' car is fantastic - wish we really did have vehicles like that! My Snapshot is at

  4. I love the Flintsone's car!
    Loch's are endlessly fascinating aren't they? I'd love to tour a river boat along the canals in England and Belgium one day....

  5. This looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing. Here's Mine

  6. Love the Flintstones car! And I would think the locks would be intimidating and claustrophobic for kayakers.

  7. How fun to see the Flintstones car- such a funny place for it to turn up.... Seattle is a great place to visit.

  8. MMmmmmm Monkfish is a fave!