Saturday, September 27, 2008

Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

Poster used with permission from the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression

Worducopia will be celebrating Banned Books Week by:

*READING AND DISCUSSING banned or challenged children's books, with input from the Worducopikids if they cooperate.

*REVIEWING two 2008 titles which are vulnerable to future book banning

*REMINISCING about books that others may not have had the opportunity to read due to book banning

Has any of these books influenced you, positively or negatively? Want to read a recently challenged book to celebrate the fact that you can? Let's hear about it!


  1. Interesting list. Surprised to see The Bean Trees on it, annoyed to see Deenie.

  2. Seriously?!? Toni Morrison is a challenged author?!?

  3. The Bean Trees is under attack right now: "Parents of the Blue Valley School District in Kansas are currently petitioning for this and thirteen other books to be removed from all high school classrooms in the district due to vulgar language, sexual explicitness, or violent imagery that is gratuitously employed."

    Beloved, Song of Solomon and The Bluest Eye have been challenged many times for language, racism, and sexually explicit content. In fact, The Bluest Eye and Beloved were both in the top 10 most challenged books of 2006!