Friday, September 26, 2008

Darfur Now

Recapping movies is not my strong point, so I'm just going to type as I'm watching Darfur Now. I'm going to tell you why you need to watch this DVD.

*To see the determination of women like Hejewa Adam, who, unwilling to live in fear of being attacked while gathering wood or water, have taken up arms with the rebel army.

*To watch how the Fur people who've been displaced the longest welcome newly displaced people to their refugee camps, establish order, and make a place for their children to play.

*To celebrate the bravery of the people who risk their lives regularly to bring food to the refugees

*Because, as actor and activist Don Cheadle (of Hotel Rwanda) says, "We're trying to speak in a loud voice now, so that people cannot say 'I was unaware.' They can either say I acted or I stood by."


  1. Oh, I bet that's a hard movie to watch. I read Tears of the Desert, which is a fantastic book, but it was difficult to read (because of the horrors, not the writing) at times.

  2. Actually it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. I mean, there are some disturbing scenes, obviously. But the focus of Darfur Now is on the things certain people are doing to try to make things better. So, in a Schindler's List kind of way, that can be uplifting. Except, in this case, we can actually get involved and do something. What's happening in Darfur isn't a page of history, yet.

  3. If you want a tearjerker of a documentary I couldn't keep a dry eye while watching The Devil Came on Horseback. Thanks for watching and reviewing this one!