Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ripley's Believe it or Not: Seeing is Believing (Kid review)

Got a pre-teen boy to shop for this holiday season? Even if he's not a reader, I'd bet this book would pull him in. (There's plenty to interest girls, as well, of course).

I get a lot of books in the mail, and for my family, the novelty has worn off. "Another book for Mom," my sons sigh when UPS pulls up.

But this book got their attention from the moment they saw the shiny cover. "Oh! Fozzie* has this book!" And they proceeded to hoard it over the course of many weeks. Not that they didn't share with me:

"Look, Mom, a kitten with two faces!"

"Ew, they removed 788 rats from one house!"

Yeah, thanks for that info, sweetie.

But it's not all weirdly gross stuff. There's a whole section on amazing art, for example. We loved looking at the photos of thousands of soldiers lined up into picture-shapes.

Another section provides facts worthy of any science almanac: "Mom, this sounds funny. A peregrine falcon when diving can go 270 miles per hour. The three-toed sloth? 0.1 miles per hour."

My favorite was the reports of weird ways missing things have turned up, sometimes years later. The next time I lose something, I think I'll take up fishing. You never know when a lost item just might turn up days later, inside a fish.

*name changed to protect the privacy of non-blogging families


  1. Pre-teen girls would probably love this too. I know I loved Ripley's books as a kid.

  2. Somewhat strangely, I was given this as a birthday gift.


  3. I used to love Ripley show on AXN when I was younger!
    I am sure this will make a great gift for teens!

  4. Ali, which book do your sons like better. Ripleys or Guinness book of world records? And why?

    Oh, I will be posting reviews of some great books will male protagonist for the next few days. So stop by, you should find at least one book, your sons will enjoy.

  5. Doret, I'll be sure to stop by! I'm so behind on blog-reading right now. I asked my boys your question and they weren't sure which they like better. I think they like different aspects of each.

    Clover, hopefully there's something in the book for everyone, then. ;-)

    BermudaOnion, I agree, a lot of girls would enjoy it, too.

    Veens, that's what I was thinking: perfect gift book. (But not for Clover, maybe).