Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diversity Roll Call: Early Readers

Yes, it's time once again (past time, actually) for another Diversity Roll Call. This week's assignment comes from Mary Ann of Great Kid Books.

I have an idea for a color challenge that I would LOVE help with: finding books for early readers (1st and 2nd grade) with children of color as the main characters.

I loved discovering Nikki & Deja last year, but I find it very hard to find either early readers or early chapter books with kids from different backgrounds. There are lots of picture books out there, but not many books that young kids can read for themselves.

So, you're assignment is one of the following:

1) Find a book for Mary Ann's library
2) Write the blurb for the book you'd like kids of that age to see on the shelves, or
3) Was this an issue for you when you were first reading books on your own? Tell us about it.
4) Got a diversity issue on your mind lately? We'd love to read your thoughts. Who knows, you may spark the next C.O.R.A. question!

The Diversity Roll Call is co-hosted by myself and Susan of Color Online, and everyone is invited to participate at any time. Answer on your blog and add a link (directly to that post) below, or answer in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.


  1. I love Nikki & Deja - there seem to be more early chapter series featuring Black female progtagonist.

    Though I truly wished early readers went beyond White and Black character and was more inclusive.

  2. Ali,

    You rock!

    Check my Sunday Salon post for Octobers Roll Call book winner.

    All participants, beginning in October, we opted to give a book prize using a random selector for one participant to choose a book of his or her choice from our Prize Bucket.

    Join us.

  3. We at RIF will be watching your list on this roll call as we struggle with this very issue in putting together our multicultural book collections. This will be a great help to us, thank you!