Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping Up 2009

Both personally, and in terms of my reading, this has been a great year for me. As far as writing, it could have been better, as I made very little progress on my book and kind of fizzled out on the blogs mid-way through. Maybe 2010 will be the year I figure out how to focus on my writing without letting the rest of life go all blurry.

I've been afraid to look at the reading challenges I joined for 2009, but now that I've peeked, I see that I didn't do so horribly. Okay, I tanked on the Dream King challenge, for which all I had to do was read one Neil Gaiman book (The Graveyard Book, done) and watch one movie based on a Neil Gaiman book (failed). And I completely stalled out on the Blog Improvement Challenge, which I read regularly but never acted on.

Let's see how I did on the others.

Diversity Rocks Challenge I said I'd include books by authors of color for every challenge I participated in, and I definitely succeeded in that. I also said I'd review at least two authors of color per month, but then I didn't label my reviews well enough to easily see if I lived up to that. I'll have to do some digging to figure that out. I do know that I read and reviewed more books by authors of color than I would have without the challenge, and that's a permanent change for me, not a one-year thing. The increased diversity in my reading has become a rewarding habit at this point, one that I fully intend to keep.

Graphic Novels Challenge, 2009
I committed to reading 6 graphic novels, and I read 7 plus two that remain unfinished, but only reviewed 5 of them.
1) Embroideries
2) Bone
7) Kampung Boy (

Young Adult Challenge

I committed to reading 12 books. This was no problem. Challenge complete!

12) ADHD and Me (

Dewey's Books Challenge

I'm pretty sure I failed this one, but I can't tell because Dewey's blog is down and if there's another list of her books, I can't find it. I did read at least 2 out of the 5 I said I'd read:
1) Looking for Alaska
2) How I Live Now

I didn't read the others I'd planned on reading, but I may have read others? I'm just not sure. I also wish I'd found the time to participate in more of the mini-challenges. I did finish knitting my felted bag for the knit-along challenge (I still have to felt it, though), and I've knit hats for each of my sons since then and am now working on a pair of fingerless gloves for me, so clearly the knitting challenge was what I needed to get me going! All the more reason why I should have participated in more of them. Ah, well.

World Citizen Challenge
I completed the World Citizenship 101 level, which was one book (Kampung Boy). I had a few memoirs that would have worked for the challenge, but I'm disappointed that I didn't read any of the recommended books in the other categories.


  1. Congratulations on doing so well on your challenges! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks to this post, I did some searching around last night for some challenges in which I'd like to participate this year. I've found a handful that sound interesting and which, I think, will nudge me to read books I might not normally otherwise choose. I read very little in '09 because I spent so much of my free time embroidering; this year I'd like to strike a better balance.

    Which challenges, if any, will you participate in this year?

  3. Glenda, challenges are a fun way to expand your reading. So far I've only signed up for a fitness challenge. I'm inclined to let my reading wind it's natural way through my many stacks of books, to start the year off, but I will probably join at some point. I'm tempted by several, Women Unbound challenge ( which only requires 2 books at the minimum level so I could easily join late. Oh--and I forgot, I joined a Books Made Into Movies challenge! I just got the movie Persepolis on DVD to start that one.

  4. Ali,

    You did well. And it's 2010. Looking forward is the only direction to look.

    I hope you do join Women Unbound.

    Let me know if you're up to CORA Diversity Roll Call. I'm debating and like you, I'm deciding how I want my reading life spent this year. This year unlike last year, I learned about challenges ahead of time. I've joined a few and was sure I could have crossover. I want a challenge but not stress about not meeting goals.

    Hope you enjoyed bringing in the new year.

    Peace and light,

  5. Nice job on all the challenges you did get to finish. I don't join many because I hate to not complete them and I tend to not complete them. Jackie at Farm Lane Books and I decided to co-host the BIP again next year (we've not announced that officially yet!), so you can always try again :)

  6. Susan, I'll email you about C.O.R.A., I definitely would like to continue it in some form in 2010.

    Kim, I'm so glad you're continuing the BIP. Even if I don't join, I know I'll benefit from reading the assignments, like I did this year.

  7. Women Unbound is the first one I added to my list :). Since I'm wanting to do a handful of challenges, I'm only doing two books for the Women Unbound challenge. I took the book-to-movie idea and am using it for one of my TwentyTen Reading Challenge categories.

  8. Goodjob! I am dreading and putting off my challenge looksee. I think I signed up for too many but actually am proud of how well I did in '09.