Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What do these 10 books have in common?

In the Night Kitchen (Maurice Sendak)
The Bridge to Terabithia (Katherine Paterson)
A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L'Engle)
It's Perfectly Normal (Robie Harris)
Captain Underpants (Dav Pilkey)
Harry Potter (JK Rowling)
A Light in the Attic (Shel Silverstein)
James and the Giant Peach (Raold Dahl)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain)
Where's Waldo? (Martin Hanford)

Any guesses? Answers (there's more than one correct answer) will be given next week.


  1. They've all been banned?

  2. Well done, Bermudaonion! I picked all these titles in honor of Banned Book Week, which is next week. During Banned Book Week I'll share the reason I picked these particular books out of a list of a hundred books which have been banned or challenged. (Hint: it's more of a personal reason, rather than something related to the authors or content of the books)