Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diets for Healthy Healing--Linda Page

I offered to review naturopath Linda Page's Diets for Healthy Healing for Mini Book Expo because we've made some changes to our family's diet since my husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol a few years ago, and I was interested to see what information a naturopath would have that might be different from what we've gained from Chris' doctor and The New American Diet Cookbook he recommended.

Dr. Page certainly does have information, and she's got a boatload of products to sell along with it. I have no interest in buying Detox Blood Purifier or Energy Green Renewal, but fortunately Crystal Star Herbs are just one of many strategies she suggests for getting on top of physical health.

The book is divided into sections based on health needs such as Allergies & Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Women's Imbalances (menopause, fibroids, and endometriosis). Each section has information about probable causes and symptoms, suggested natural remedies, and recipes that address the health problem. Some of the recipes call for Crystal Star herbal products, but there are plenty that don't. In the Diabetes and Hypoglycemia section, for example, non-brand-name recipes include Hot Potato Salad, Black Bean Tortilla Wrap, Low-Fat Chinese Chicken Salad, low-sugar Double Ginger Molasses Cookies and Lemon-Lime Pie, among others. The recipes look tasty, simple to prepare, without too many "weird" ingredients. Like each of the chapters, this one contains appealing recipes that I may try even though I don't cook for anyone with those health issues.

In the back of the book is a section called Cooking Tips and Secrets, which contains information about sugar substitutes, cultured foods, replacements for dairy products, and sources of important minerals. Like the rest of the book, there's enough useful information to make it worth skimming past the parts that aren't my cup of tea. Or, my cup of A.M.-P.M. Fiber Drink, as the case may be.

Soundtrack: For this book, I got rebellious with my song choice: Junk Food Junkie, sung by Harry Groce.


  1. Chris was able to get his cholesterol down by adjusting his diet and exercising more?

    Any recipes from the cookbook that stand out as favorites? (You know me -- I'm always up for reading another cookbook!!)

    Love the banner, btw.

  2. Well, yes, he did get it down some ... but he hasn't actually had the re-check he was supposed to have 3 years ago.

    So, I haven't tried any of the recipes from the cookbook yet, because it's been too hot to do a lot of cooking. I'll let you know, though.