Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finding a good book

The question of the week: how do you find out about the books you want to read? (The full question is at Boston Bibliophile's blog). Answer as a comment or on your own blog and post a link here if you'd like.

My book choices generally go in the following order:

1) If a friend recommends a book? Top priority.

2) Read a book I love. Hooray! Zero in on that author until I read one I don't like. Then the honeymoon's over.

3) A topic sticks in my head. I hunt down novels on that topic, usually with my library's subscription to the NovelList database. For example, recently I decided I might want to write about a homeless teen, so I checked out every novel and memoir my library owned with that subject. There weren't that many. And, unfortunately most of them weren't great and got returned to the library half-read. (Which probably means I really need to write that book).

4) YA books, I just grab off the teen "new book" shelf on the library, and yes, I judge them by their covers. These go high on the list because they're usually quick reads so I stick them in between heavier or longer books.

5) Lists like the New Classics, I love stuff like that. (But it still goes back to #1--I want to know which of those books my friends have read and liked).

6) When a how-to-write author recommends something I usually seek it out and end up with either a really great or a really awful read.

7) I read the book section of my local Sunday paper.

8) I see mention of a book and look it up on Amazon, and whether or not that book resonates with me I often end up hopping from book to book through their "also-bought" links.

9) Occasionally I go to Librarything's recommendations, but the fact is it's very rare that I need to seek out book recommendations. Numbers one through eight tend to keep my bookshelves overflowing!

10) When a book comes in the mail waiting to be reviewed! I put this as #10 because it's never happened yet, but I got two emails this week saying books are coming! Those books will go to the top of my to-be-read list.

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  1. It seems like there were an awful lot Tuesday Thingsers who don't go to the library. Or maybe some them are librarians and just think of that as something worth mentioning.