Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Book swapping

Question from The Boston Bibliophile: Do you do book swapping?

I do book swapping all the time: that is, I bring all the books I've finished back to the library and swap them for new ones!

I've never been a collector of books. I've probably bought fewer than 5 books so far this year. I love the freedom of checking any number of books out from the library, knowing that, love them or hate them or never get around to reading them, they wont be taking up shelf space for long. Every one of my "library" of books on Librarything is a library book. In fact, one of the things I love about Librarything is that it's a way to hold onto the books I've read after I've passed them along to the next library patron.


  1. Welcome to the Thingers group! I love the library experience, too. If our local library had a better collection of books, I'd use it a lot more. There's nothing quite as exciting as leaving the library with a huge stack of new books to explore.

  2. Yes, we're really lucky in that we have an incredible library system with both a generous renewal limit and a generous inter-library loan program. Without that, I'd probably be buying a lot more books!

  3. Welcome to tuesday thingers :) All of these posts on library books make me realize I should visit my library more often!

  4. What do call it when I read the books you checked out, and you read books I checked out? Like the one that happened to be a graphic novel, that I happened leave out, and our kids happened to start reading before I chance to, and that led to you fielding questions about Iran, and having to resd it yourself.

  5. wow, good for you!
    Welcome to Tuesday Thingers!

  6. Hi! Welcome to the group :)

    I am visiting a friend and she has an awesome library so I checked out a ton of books and I all I want to do is read. My library where I live is severely lacking in books in English.