Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blog hopping

This week, we're digging into the archives of our fellow Weekly Geeks.

At Reading Comes from Writing, Blondierocket posts brief reviews of the books she's read, and through her archives I found several I want to check into. I just placed a hold on Journals (Kurt Cobain's journal), and will probably do the same for The Wishing Year and Between Here and April. Thanks for the recommendations, Blondierocket!

Alisonwonderland posted a review of the graphic novel Plain Janes which looks like just the type of graphic novel I like. I also enjoyed her post about How's the volume?, about how her reading volume has changed over the years.

And then there was Behold, the Thing that Reads Books. Sarah absolutely cracked me up. I loved her post called First Post, which isn't actually her first post but close. It begins: "This is the first time I have been reading actual books." (After she defines what she means by actual books this sentence makes total sense). Sarah writes no-nonsense reviews giving a teen perspective of literature, from Crime and Punishment ("My first book by a Russian author failed to impress me. Everyone told me it's great. IT'S NOT. It's a long, long, boring, book about a guy who kills 2 people and can't manage his money. That's all. Don't read it.") to East of Eden ("If you are in for a book that will make you think, go for it! This is going on my list of favorite books, so obviously it is a 5/5").

Ready to do more blog hopping? Here are two other Weekly Geeks who are participating in this archival research: Kristina, and Rachel at American Bibliophile


  1. How fun! I do like to visit the archieves of blogs I go to.

  2. Hi!
    Lots of info at the other book blogs. Thanks for sharing. Take Care!!


  3. Thanks for mentioning me! I went to Sarah's blog too....she's funny!!