Sunday, July 6, 2008

Review Policy

Updated: August 2012

The opinions stated on this blog are for my own personal benefit and for your entertainment. I am not in the business of selling books, and I don't take payment for reviews, but I do occasionally accept books from authors or publishers for review. Most of the books I review come from the library or a local bookstore.

What I review: I like to read the following types of books:

--Young Adult fiction (especially if it's got boy appeal)
--literary fiction by diverse authors
--graphic novels that are memoirs or realistic fiction
--cookbooks and craft how-to books
--writing craft books
--the occasional memoir
--certain other nonfiction (parenting, travel, outdoors)
--books by authors positively reviewed on this blog in the past

I have a substantial (!) reading pile and have been doing more writing than reading/reviewing lately. If your book fits the above categories, I'll be tempted to accept a review copy but if I resist it's no reflection on you. Promise.

However, if any of the following is true of you, I'll be hard pressed to resist accepting a review copy: (a) You wrote a Steampunk book with teen appeal. (b) You're writing in Oregon. (c) You're writing in Northern Ireland. (d) You're Deaf, or your book deals with Deaf culture. (e) You're Hungarian. (f) You're Ron Carlson, or you write like him. (g) You're Michael Cunningham, or you write like him.

I'm happy to review previously published books, but not e-books.

If you have sent a review copy more than four months ago and don't find it mentioned, please email me at


  1. Hello!

    Perhaps you'd like to review my breakfast book, as you mentioned on my site? If so, get in touch.

    Paul Gerald

  2. Hi, I have a travel book. Arts/entertainment/biography. It's called "An Actor Walks into China" - I hope the title gives the idea of it! If you would kindly take a look at my site: and let me know if it is of interest, I will send a review copy if you wish.

    Thanks! Colin

    1. Hi Colin, I'd like to read your book. Email me at worducopia-at-gmail-dot-com and we'll talk details.

  3. Congratulations! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. See details at this post:
    It took me a few hours to create my response. Feel free to just accept without answering questions or nominating others. On the other hand, I enjoyed making up questions and searching out worthy blogs with less than 200 followers. So maybe you'd like to join the fun? :-)

  4. So, this might be weird, but an author gave me an ARC of her upcoming book Beatless. I've read it and fell completely in love with it! It deserves so much attention, so I thought I would come to some blogs and see if they would read/review her book. She is willing to give it arcs to bloggers if interested.

    This is the Goodreads link to the novel

    Like I said, this might be weird, I don't know if you get fans of books requesting you read/review the book, but I just feel, as do all of the others lucky enough to get this arc, that this is an amazingly beautiful book that deserves ask the attention it can get! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you consider reading and reviewing this amazing book.

    Authors Facebook page link to request Arc if interested:

  5. I'm thinking you may be interested in my new novel, Lot's Mountain.

    Do you believe in monsters? You will.