Monday, July 8, 2013

The Righteous Breakfast

I got up early this morning to finish The Righteous Mind. This nonfiction book is my assignment for tomorrow's book club, and I have one last chapter to read. I had been a little intimidated by it (it's 419 pages thick), but it has surprised me by being a very enjoyable read. Also, the last 100 pages are end notes and an index, so it's not as long as it seems at first glance.

This final chapter is tying everything together, from the psychological differences between people who tend to lean conservative vs. liberal, politically, to the Team Spirit aspect of partisanship. It's seriously fascinating stuff, and written in a way that's very clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend the book, which I would never have picked up if not for book club.

And, instead of finishing it, I can't tear myself away from this.

It just called to me from the shelf, and before I knew it, it had jumped into my lap right on top of The Righteous Mind.

I reviewed the first edition of Paul Gerald's breakfast book in October of 2008. This "2nd serving" edition has been out since 2011 and I should have run out and bought it immediately but I have this tendency to procrastinate. Then Gerald sent me his newer book, Peaceful Places, Portland, so I had to read that first.
I loved it so much that I'm feeling inspired to write a series of posts where I go to the book's peaceful places which I haven't been to before, and let the book help me discover them. Because when you've lived in a city and loved it for 20 years, there's something magical about finding a person who can show you something new. Paul Gerald, with his collection of Pacific Northwest hiking, camping, and breakfasting books, has proven himself to be that person. So, that'll be a blog post or two at some point this summer, I hope.

And in the meantime, even though the 2011 Breakfast in Bridgetown is now slightly out of date (Gerald posts updates on his website), it's so fascinating (the Hollywood Burger Bar used to be a trolley stop?!) and funny that I can't put it down. Not even to get myself dressed so I can go get breakfast at one of those places I've been meaning to try.

Incidentally, yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of Worducopia. I went back and read some of my old posts to reminisce a little bit, and decided that I should really write some more of those book review-type posts one of these days.


  1. The Righteous Mind sounds like something I would read. No wonder you can't tear yourself away from Breakfast in Bridgetown! All the places you knew about but what's better is all the places you didn't know existed! Happy reading.

  2. This summer is my fifth anniversary as a blogger, too. I'd like to write more posts that are not memes, but I suppose a meme post is better than nada.

    (Wish I'd seen these lovely Portland books last summer. We took a trip to Oregon last year. I visited the Beverly Cleary statues at the park and the Beverly Cleary children's room at the public library, but I'm sure I missed a lot of other wonderful quiet spots.)

  3. Happy blogoversary!

    Enjoy your reading. :) Love your idea about peaceful places.

  4. Congrats on the fifth anniversary of your blog! Last month, I celebrated my third.

    I know how you feel about discovering something new in a place you love. Every summer, my husband and I visit my family in my home province of Newfoundland. While there, we try to take a day trip to a new place for even me. Fun!

    Perhaps we need to do that for my husband's city too. He grew up in a city, which lacks the hills, rocks, trees, and water that I love. Surely though, there are some magical places in his home to discover too. Could be a great way to spend our date nights. :-)

  5. Happy Bloggiversary! I was just re-reading posts from 2009 (the Owen Meany readalong) and realized that most of the participants are no longer blogging and I got a little (only a little) sad. And realized YOU ARE BACK. or still here or whatever.

    The portland books look great. I so want to visit.

    And you have me very interested in The Righteous Mind. Hmmmmm