Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some books won't arrive; Some books won't leave

What I'm doing today: Right now I'm sitting in front of the TV wishing that I hadn't missed my friend and writing group partner Debby Dodds' spot on CBS Sunday Morning. The show started at 7, and I didn't drag myself out of bed to tune in until 7:45. (Update: I found it online. Gotta love technology! I'll post it on my Facebook page. It's a really sweet story.)

Last Sunday I didn't write a post, so I'm sharing a picture from Ben's prom, a week late. These two are so adorable together, in my completely unbiased opinion. Getting ready for prom was more stressful than I had expected (dinner plans changed 3 times, last-minute corsage emergency--I knew it was bad when I offered to buy my boy a coffee as we left the florist and his first response was "MOM! WHY DO YOU KEEPING ADDING MORE THINGS TO DO?"), but I think they had a great time once they got together.

What's been happening on Worducopia: Not a heck of a lot! My Walking Tour post that I wrote yesterday was the first post in a week. I have so many books I want to tell you about! Just, no time to write about them coherently and still do any other writing.

What I'm reading: I am waiting on pins and needles for my copy of The Lemon Tree to come in at the library. It's Book Club homework for May 14, one of my two suggestions that got picked. I had it out for weeks earlier in the year but had to return it unread. Since then, I've been back on the hold list, waiting. I'm fifth now, with five copies due to come in before the end of the month, so I think I'll make it.

Yes, I could go out and buy it, but that's just not how I roll. As much as I adore books, I'm not a fan of owning copies I'll most likely only read once. I'm a library gal, through and through.

In the meantime, I've started a couple of books, but nothing's grabbing me--probably because I know I'm going to set whatever-it-is down as soon as The Lemon Tree comes in. Evan and I are still plugging away at Wildwood, and his enthusiasm is waning as we reach the halfway mark. At 560 pages, it's a bit like a delightful house guest whose week-long visit is now stretching into its third week: beginning to overstay its welcome.

May your books and your guests say their goodbyes before you tire of them, and may you have a beautiful Sunday.


  1. I love the title of this post! Ben and his date are so cute in the picture. I'm a library girl through and through too so I understand. ;-) Hopefully everyone in front of you turn in their copies on time or early. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. I hope The Lemon Tree comes in soon!

  3. Such a cute picture! I'm also a library girl through and through, too (moving to a bigger city has certainly been helpful in that regard!) - hope you get The Lemon Tree in time!

  4. I love the prom picture! So cute together and I love her dress :)