Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snapshot: Taylor Electric

I seem to be developing quite the bad-boy crush on graffiti these days. I've driven past the burned-out Taylor Electric Supply building in southeast Portland many times in the six years since the 1936 warehouse burned down, but it never truly caught my eye until the spray can artists started having their way with it.

Ben was kind enough to come along with me on Thursday evening to snap some photos. The light was perfect, and I'm so happy with the way the art is reflected in the clear pools of water.

According to The Oregonian, the building will soon be demolished--good news for the owner, the neighborhood, and the Willamette River, which is still in danger of further contamination from chemicals that were released during the fire.

But this view of Portland's skyline across the river, through the broken windows of the old warehouse, will have to go too. So, I'm glad I went ahead and got these pictures while I could.

More photos of this: On my Flikr page.

What I'm reading: Let's Pretend This Never Happened, by blogger Jenny Lawson. It's a funny book. But, it definitely reads like a blog, and let's just say that 384 pages is an awful lot of blog posts to read in a row.

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  1. Nice photos...pretty neat.

    Nice blog as well...NEW FOLLOWER.

    THANKS for sharing today.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  2. They are fantastic shots - they seem to convey a feeling of loneliness, but the urban wasteland has been brightened by the graffiti. My Snapshot is at

  3. Great idea♫ You got some terrific shots. Happy Week-end♥ My SS:

  4. I like the photo with the reflection mirroring the art as well.

  5. This makes for a great Saturday Snapshot post -- thanks for sharing! Here's my Saturday Snapshot post.

  6. Really like your graffiti photos. It always amazes me how many places have graffiti, and yet you never see anyone in the act.

  7. Love these shots! Some of those artists are really talented.

    I picked up Lawson's book at the library a few months ago but ended up taking it back without reading it. I'm still trying to decide if I want to.

    Happy Saturday!

  8. I love that second shot. The artists really are talented.

  9. That reflection in the water is incredible, love it!

  10. When well done, graffiti can add so much to the artistic element of a community. Nice you were able to capture the artwork while it's there.

    During my visit to my hometown this summer, I took photos of murals and old buildings. The one depicts our town's history. As for the buildings, they keep changing over the years and I like to have the memories.

  11. Great pictures, and it's good to appreciate even old derelict buildings while they're still there. I like graffiti too, but enjoy picture styles more than tagging.

  12. The graffiti is creative and has a beauty in its own way, but those reflections really make the photos extra special!

  13. These are really awesome shots, Ali! I especially love that second one--I could totally see that shot blown up super big and hung on the wall. Art inside art.

  14. Artistic! But I must say, I prefer your gorgeous river photos. It's fun using the camera, isn't it?

  15. Great shots of my former work place. I worked for Taylor electric for several years in the 80's & 90's. The Ingersoll rand building was a new accusation for them when I left in 1995. At that time they owned the empty lot across 3rd street from that building as well as the main Taylor Electric building that is now Oregon Electric. They have a steel 'shed" (that has since been torn down) in the back of the parking lot. Taylor Electric also occupied the top floor of the Oregon Tile & Marble building.

    Before Bill Taylor sold the business to Rexel, they were the largest distributor of electric products under one roof in the world. Now they have a small location in the old Francis Ford building on Grand or MLK.

    It was a very interesting part of town to work in even 20 years ago. Lots of colorful people & quite a bit of graffiti even then.

    Dave Oliver
    My blog A Boise Idaho photo blog

    1. Thanks for adding those details, Dave. I had no idea they were such a large distributor at one time.

      I keep meaning to go back and check whether they've demolished this site, but haven't passed by the place yet.

    2. My brother said as of a couple of weeks ago it was still there.

    3. Hmmm, maybe I should go take more photos, then...