Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snapshot: Old Lumber Mill

Here are a couple of shots from my birthday last September. We went on a bike ride that day, which ended up at an old abandoned lumber mill in the small town of Vernonia, Oregon. Can you see the tree inside, through the doorway?

We had a blast investigating this historic site, which has obviously been renovated by fairies in the intervening years since it was closed in 1957. Graffiti-artist fairies.

I happen to think that graffiti is beautiful, when done right. And, in this case, the fairies did not disappoint.

I've been intrigued about this spot and its history ever since our visit to this site. For a mere $45 I can order a used copy of this book that details the history of the mill. Or, I could get it from my library for free.

Life is full of difficult decisions (she said, as she donned her shoes to head to the library).

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  1. A bike ride on your birthday sounds like my idea of a great birthday!

    Interesting photos!
    Here's My SS

  2. I love that the trees are reclaiming a place where they used to be sawed into lumber.

  3. It's always a good thing to support your local library! And cheaper too! Such a cool shot - that second one!

  4. The trees inside look like carefully placed decorations. Here's Mine

  5. I love the inside of this mill. When you find our more about it, I hope you share it with us.

  6. That tree in the middle of the building is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while!

    Many apologies that my post wasn't up this morning, but it's there now.