Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Salon: Infrequently Asked Questions

The Sunday

Q: Didn't there used to be a blog around here somewhere?"

A: Why yes! Here it is, welcome to Worducopia.

Q: What happened? Are you okay?

A: Yup. Doing fine!

Q: And...?

A: Well, I'm trying to finish revisions on my novel, and it's slow going. I'm spending time with my kids, and I just started selling Mary Kay cosmetics (if you've met me in real life, I'm okay with the fact that you just cracked up). Also, I'm hooked on computer solitaire, so you know: that takes up a big chunk of my time.

Q: Read any good books lately?

A: Actually, yes! Thank you for asking. Right now I'm reading Siobhan Dowd's Bog Child. I love Irish fiction, especially with a focus on Northern Ireland, so this is right up my alley. I probably have about ten pages to go and I haven't picked it up all weekend. Not sure if I'm too busy, ambivalent about where the story is going, or just don't want it to end.

I also recently read The Magician's Assistant, by Ann Patchett, which I really enjoyed until the end. I kind of hated the end. This was a duplicate of my experience with Patchett's Bel Canto, so I think she and I just come from different perspectives when it comes to endings.

Q: So why didn't you review it?

A: I guess I just didn't feel like it?

Q: How do you expect to make it as a book blogger if you don't actually review any books?

A: *snort!* Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh.

Q: Okay, but if a blog sits in the blogosphere and nobody posts on it, is it still a blog?

A: Um... good point. I'm not really sure.

I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet, though. Still holding out hope that I'll figure out a way to stay immersed in real life, keep up my other writing, and keep Worducopia active. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. Delighted to have you here!


  1. Thanks for letting us know what's up with you, Ali. I've missed you! But I totally understand that sometimes other things just come first. Best of luck with your writing.

  2. This rather reminds me of a post I was going to write...the subject, not the format. which is quite amusing.

    BTW, as an ex-philosophy major, I would say yes, a blog still exists if it just long as the blogger still thinks it does.

  3. I used to worry about my blog sitting inactive, but now I think the existence of RSS feed readers makes that less important. Back in the days when I had to remember to keep going back to a blog and check for new posts, I would dump any blogs that hadn't updated in a while. Nowadays it doesn't take any extra effort to stay subscribed to a blog and let the reader fetch the new posts for me. Besides, you have actually do some living/reading away from the computer to be able to have something to blog about :-).

  4. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)May 31, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Funny post :) I hope you figure out how to balance everything soon.

  5. I will confess to doing a double take when I saw the mention of Mary Kay. Does this mean that someday we'll see you driving around in a pink Caddie?

  6. I, too, did a reread at the mention of Mary Kay :) but I think it's great. If you enjoy doing it, that's what counts (and if you make money doing it, well that's even better!).

    Computer mahjong can be quite the time-suck too (thanks to Nancy for introducing me to that one LOL), but it's good for the brain . . . or so "they" say.

    Oooooh, I didn't like Magician's Assistant at all. The ending felt so abrupt. I didn't love the ending of Bel Canto, but I thought it fit with the story. If you haven't yet read "Run", it was my favorite of the three of her books I've read -- there wasn't anything I didn't like about it.

  7. Hilarious! And, yes, you still exist. Just pinch yourself and find out. ;->

  8. Ah, comments! They do my heart good. Thank you all.

    Trying to imagine my boys agreeing to ride around in a pink car of any sort. Maybe one day...

    I debated over posting a link to my Mary Kay site on here and decided against it for a couple of reasons. But if anyone wants to check it out, email me and I'll send you a link. You can order from me online, no shipping. I'll even add presents. :=)

  9. Ah, very funnily done! Good to hear you're doing OK. There's always more important things to be thinking about and doing than book blogging, but it is good to know that that's where you're at. Good luck on your book revisions :)

  10. Good luck with the revisions and like Dani says RSS means we can all keep in touch if you wander away for a while.

  11. We're still here and happy to keep reading whenever you post. Good luck with the revisions!

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  13. I'm glad all is well. It sounds like you just needed a little break - we'll be here when you're ready.

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  17. Since Jill confessed to doing a double take over the Mary Kay thing, I'll own up to that as well. :) Glad you're doing okay! If nothing else, could we get quarterly updates or something like that?

  18. hi! *waving* I'll send an email... Hope you are well.

  19. Nice to see you popping up in my RSS reader again. Good luck with the novel!

  20. Great and very funny post!

    I had the same reaction to Bel Canto and I am still boycotting Patchet.

    I gave you two awards. Look here, on Rose City Reader. I think the 10 Things game is kind of fun, but I won't be offended if you don't follow up. Blog awards can be a bit of a chore.

    And they definitely drag you away from computer solitaire. I hate to bring it up, but have you played Spider Solitaire? Time Suck Extraordinaire.

  21. Gilion, I had to take Spider solitaire off my computer. It was getting ridiculous!