Friday, September 25, 2009

C.O.R.A. Diversity Roll Call: Blogs

This week rather than diversity in books, I'd like to focus on diversity in book bloggers.

For me, part of the joy of blogging—and of the Roll Call in particular—is learning from such a wide variety of people. It's been a great chance for me to open myself up to new ideas and perspectives. (Okay, it's backfired on me a couple of times, and I've stuck my foot in my mouth, but those are stories for another day.) At the same time, I notice that the vast majority of book bloggers seem to fall into the same demographic.

So this happens to be my week to write the question for both Weekly Geeks and the C.O.R.A. Diversity Roll Call. So, I thought to myself: "What a great opportunity! Just this once, I'll meld the two memes into one big Diversity-Geek-Roll-Call thingy, offering the chance for Geeks and C.O.R.A.s to play together." (If you normally do both, you can either consider yourself off the hook for one, or do one option for each, or whatever suits you best.)

Pick one of these:

1)Write a post highlighting one or more bloggers who are extremely different from you in some way. For example, think about blogger(s) who:
a. Identify with another race and/or ethnicity, religion, cultural background, age, etc. from you
b. Live the farthest from you
c. Have entirely different tastes in books from you (but you love their blog anyway)

If you can't think of any, go exploring and find some! Or . . .

2) Write a "Personals Ad" post to find bloggers who are outside your norm. Mine might read:
MWF (married white female) homeschool mom from a Pacific Northwest U.S. city seeks bloggers who enjoy literary (but not too literary) fiction, long walks on the beach, music, and will make me laugh.
Then other participants can recommend bloggers (including themselves, of course) who come from a different demographic and have similar interests.

3)Another option: If you consider yourself to be in the minority in some way in the blogosphere, write about that experience and/or highlight favorite bloggers who fit into that same subgroup. Interpretation of this is up to you—-be creative! If we look hard enough, we're probably all different-from-the-norm in one way or another.

When your post is done, add it to the Mr. Linky here, AND head over to Weekly Geeks and put your link there, too. (Weekly Geeks runs Saturday through Friday and has the same open door policy that the Diversity Roll Call does—new people show up every week and are welcome to join in once, or as often as they wish).

Be sure to visit the other posts to discover new bloggers, recommend some old favorites, and maybe broaden some horizons a bit in the process.


  1. LOVE THIS! You rock, Ali. I have been sliding downhill lately and hit with a thud this week. This is just the kind of assignment to help me get back my mojo.

    Can't wait to see what participants share and I love your idea for us all to play together.

  2. Susan, I'm so glad you like the topic! I hope others will, too. And, while I feel like I read a wide variety of blogs/bloggers, I'm looking forward to discovering some new blogs that may fall outside my usual cohorts.

  3. ok I think I can do this one :) :)
    I will be back after "thinking" what I can write here! :)

    I for the first time went to Weekly Geeks too! :)

    I will be back :)

  4. One thing I've been trying to figure out... What does CORA stand for?

  5. C.O.R.A. = Color Online Reader Activist. :-)

  6. THANKS! I had been wondering.

  7. Hi Ali, I'm back. Got an entry for you.

  8. Ali,

    It's been crazy. My link is up.