Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who's Your Local Author?
Bookworms Carnival, coming up!

I take it for granted, this vibrant community of artistic and literary folks I live in. Everyone here seems to know someone who's writing a book, or who has a stall at Saturday Market, or who works for the library or one of the locally-owned bookstores (or all of the above). Just the other day my friend Elizabeth mentioned that she plays cello regularly with Virginia Euwer Wolff. I could never keep up with the dozens of successful authors that call Oregon home.

But I know I'm not the only one with local author stories to tell, so for the next Bookworms Carnival, I'm offering you the chance to showcase your local lit scene. Could be an author interview, a book review, a story about an author or local book event. Could be an ode to your local bookstore or library. Maybe you're an author yourself with something to say about the town you live in.

To participate, submit a link to your post (or email your article to me if you don't have a blog), to Worducopia-at-gmail-dot-com. The deadline is June 26, 2009.

And in the meantime, check out the most recent Bookworms Carnival--Paranormal Fiction.


  1. Hi Ali,

    I really hadn't intended to participate in this, but I wrote this post a couple weeks ago, and it kind of seems to fit, so I thought I'd go ahead and submit it. This guy isn't from my same town, but he lives within 20 miles...I figure that's close enough, right?


  2. Absolutely, Dreamybee! I love the post and am delighted to include it. What shall I put for the location--Hawaii? Which island?

    Twenty miles away is definitely local, in my book. It's really up to each person to decide, but I consider any author from Oregon or southwest Washington to be local to me, actually.

  3. wow - I just bought a book from a local author that is set in my home area! but I don't think I'll get it read by June 26th... Should I just highlight it as a book-to-read-someday-soon?

  4. Care, Sounds good to me! And, if you want, you can add some background info about the setting or the author & any other books they've written.

  5. Wow, I just this minute posted this to my blog: http://www.bostonbibliophile.com/2009/06/daughters-of-abraham-meeting-with.html

    Scott Pomfret is a Boston-based author who wrote about the Boston Catholic scene and visited my Boston-area book club a couple of weeks ago.