Saturday, April 18, 2009

Readathon Update, 10:00 p.m.

Well, the evening didn't go as planned. After a nice dinner break, I read a bit more and we all started choosing songs on Napster for our music night. Then my 8 year old announced that he didn't want to do family music night after all (his own tradition!) because his foot hurt too much to dance.

I took at look at the foot and found a big ole honking splinter that he's been walking on all day hoping it would go away. So, we set about taking it out.

Oh, the screams! The sobbing! The accusations of child abuse! Luckily we had the curtains wide open so that any concerned bystander could peek inside to see that, far from than beating the child, I was holding him and stroking his head while his dad gently tended to the foot. 45 minutes later, the splinter was out and the boy was unhappily eating ice cream.

Then I took him upstairs to collapse into his bed and held him some more. Funny faces and faux mind-reading games cheered him up a bit. He had a late night last night, so I'm sure he'll be asleep in moments, if he isn't already.

All this to say: I finished Flygirl (finally!!!) but I'm not going to do my page count, etc., until the next update because I really want to get back to reading. Just as soon as I check on that sweet, sad boy one more time.

P.S. I meant to say thank you! For all the comments all day, that is. I feel so . . . you know . . . cheer-led!


  1. poor kid.
    KEEP READING! No vampires!!

  2. Aw, poor guy! Hope he's feeling better soon.

  3. Yeah, life has a tendency of getting in the way, even with the best laid plans! Happy reading!

  4. Walking on a splinter all day? Can't imagine! Ice cream is a great cure all though isn't it?