Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Salon: back in the swing of things

The Sunday In the interest of getting back into a posting schedule, it's a Sunday Salon post. I don't have much to say, though, so this'll be interesting. Or, not, as the case may be.

American RustRight now I'm reading American Rust, by Philipp Meyer. Yes, still. With houseguests last week, I did much more knitting (and learned to crochet!) and talking, than reading or writing. I'm hoping to finish this one in time to interview one of the characters for this week's Weekly Geeks assignment and to celebrate the book's release on Tuesday. The characters have such distinctive voices, and it's been fun to think about potential interview questions as I read along.

Shop Indie BookstoresI'm also reading Rich Like Them, by Ryan d'Agostino. The author wanted to find out the secrets of America's upper class, so he went through ritzy neighborhoods knocking on doors until he found people who would talk to him about the secrets of their successes. I love books like this. Would I ever have the guts to knock on people's doors like that? No way. But, this guy did, so I get to read about it. It'd be better with pictures, but d'Agostino does a good job of describing the homes in all their glory.

If this book intrigues you, here's a heads up: I'll be holding a drawing for a free copy, so check back next week for details on that!

As for David Copperfield...There it sits, sadly neglected, under a pile of mismatched socks, surrounded by a drumming DVD and mandolin chords book, a camera bag, a green water snake won at the nickel arcade last week, and folded kitchen towels. I will fold the socks, yes, and I will put away the towels and yes I will read David Copperfield this week. I will.


  1. You learned to crochet!! I want to learn to do this too!! Oh, who cares about the stuff on the table? Be happy and enjoy life and good luck on Coperfield!!!

  2. Great picture! Rich Like Them sounds like a book that I would like. Gah! I wrote "like" three times in that sentence. Cringing over here. :)

  3. Staci, Crocheting is easy once somebody shows you! I want to learn how to do the fancy lacy stuff, though.

    Alyce, Don't be so, like, hard on yourself. ;-)

  4. I would totally knock on rich people's doors and ask them the secret of their sucess ;)

  5. Groovy. I have no idea what I was going to comment on, so let me just say it again: groovy. (I'm going back to bed.)

  6. Lenore, I don't doubt that you would! Some of us have it in us and others don't.

    Care, Thank you for being a positive role model for all those people who don't comment because they're worried they have nothing useful to add to the discussion. :-)