Sunday, November 16, 2008

TSS: Holidazed!

The Sunday This week I finished reading The Gargoyle and, with luck, will be reviewing it before next Sunday. I'm now halfway through Madapple, which is totally irritating me with its back-and-forth between the trial scenes and the flashbacks. Every time I get interested in what's happening in the flashback chapters, new evidence comes up in the trial which gives away what's going to happen next. It's like watching a movie with someone who's seen it before and feels compelled to tell you, "This guy bites the dust later." Only, you can tell that person to knock it off. If it's the author giving the spoilers, what can you do?

Today I did no reading, but I did have a terrific literary experience--I got to preview a new play written by Marc Acito (I posted about his book, Attack of the Theater People, not long ago) and Cynthia Whitcomb. Holidazed is about an overwhelmed working mother of three, who gets more than she bargained for when she takes in a homeless girl in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I'm even less of a theater critic than I am a professional book reviewer, so all I'll say is, I loved this play. My kids, who were roped into coming for logistical reasons, loved it too. We were watching a dress rehearsal with a photographer all over the stage snapping pictures the whole time: it didn't matter. The only time the play didn't have us laughing or grinning was the few scenes when we were snuggled close together trying not to cry.

If you're in the Portland area, go see it! It opens with previews this week and will run through December 28th. Artists Repertory Theater recommends it for high school and up--if you're considering taking children younger than that, talk to me. I'll be happy to give you the full Kids-in-mind-style rundown.


  1. I love theater and Holidazed sounds great, but I'm clear across the country. :(

  2. Oh, how I miss the theater community in Portland!!! (lived there for 16 years before moving w/ my family to Texas last year) Glad you got a chance to preview the play, and that you (and the kids) enjoyed it! :)

  3. Kathy, You never know--next season you may be seeing Holidazed performed in your area! I really think it's going to take off.

    Stacey, It must be quite an adjustment from Portland to Texas, I hope the move has worked out for your family. I wish I was able to take better advantage of the theater we have here--between the expense and the kids, we don't get out to plays nearly as much as I'd like to. I was thrilled to be invited to attend yesterday's dress rehearsal (and now I want to go again, with my husband).

  4. We just saw "Speech and Debate" there last week. It was AMAZING. The seating was terrible though. Is this produced in a classroom or was that just the one we saw? I have plans to take a 12 year old to this--appropriate?

  5. Tami, You will absolutely love this one! And, I think your particular 12 year old is well-suited to enjoy it as much as my kids did. I'll email you with more specifics.

    Artists Rep has two theaters, one on either side of the building, with 2 different entrances, even. I like the Alder Street side (where Holidazed is) better for seating. And no, not a classroom setting for this one.