Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seeking Weekly Geeks

Between a head cold and (a bare minimum of) Thanksgiving prep, it's taken me all week to do Weekly geeks justice. The assignment was to visit five blogs of unfamiliar WG participants and report on what we have in common.

Jessi at Casual Dread came to visit me for this WG so I went to check out her blog, too. I found a few more things we have in common: we both like homemade gifts (though I'm better at receiving them that successfully making them), we both like to use to find new music (I use also), and we both like hockey.

Later, I followed a link to Carrie at Books and Movies. She and I both homeschool, although she has four kiddos and I have a mere two, and we both loved Guernica, by Dave Boling. We also both like movies, though I sure don't see as many as I used to.

Someone commented recently that I should "meet" Debi (Nothing of Importance) because we both homeschool. I had no idea who Debi was, until a little Google-alerts bird told me she'd reported stopping by for this WG assignment. She already noted that we both homeschool, and have UU sensibilities. After further investigation, I learned that we both have cats, 8-year-old boys, and husbands who cook.

Tonight I finished the task by visiting two more new blogs:

Raidergirl3 and I both participate in Tuesday Thingers, which means we're both involved in LibraryThing. She's Canadian and I was born in Canada (but we only lived there until I was two).

Melanie, of Cynical Optimism, and I both seem to shop at Trader Joe's. She wants to move to Portland, where I live, and we both try to live green.


  1. Hooray for hockey! :) I really liked "meeting" new people through this WG assignment - it's interesting to see what we have in common besides our love of reading.

  2. Yes--the 21 day blog challenge that I'm following has opened up a whole new world and a whole new way of relaxing at night--I love it!
    Janet at Papertigers Blog