Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sunday Salon

The Sunday Time for the Sunday Salon, and here's what I read today: "Incontinent que j'eus oui. Incontinent que j'eus oui, que j'eus oui. Sus, allons le lieu visiter, allons le lieu visiter ou le Seigneur veut habiter, veut habiter." And so on.

My choir was singing a little Sweelinck piece (that's Jan Sweelinck gesturing mysteriously at you on the right), which was quite fun and a little tricky. Then I taught a Sunday School class, then I went to my writing class where I learned how to apply the structure of the Broadway musical to my novel, then I went to sell tickets and chaperone at a Halloween dance for homeschooled teens.

Now I'm heading up to bed, where before I zonk out completely I may get in a paragraph or two of My Father's Paradise or Breakfast in Bridgetown, for which I wrote my glowingest review ever before even finishing the book. It's a great reading week when I've got not one but two excellent books to leave in various places around the house as I go about my days.


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous Sunday! Just saw your post below about art and books. Gorgeous. I know what you mean about a reading week filled with excellent books to read.

  2. sounds nice....but I went on a cruise!