Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Homeschooling Book

As a longtime homeschooler, I don't take the time to read a lot of books on that particular subject these days, but this one caught my eye: over at 5 Minutes for Books, Carrie posts an interesting review of Homeschooling: A Family's Journey. Both Carrie and her husband were homeschooled as kids, so I enjoyed reading her perspective on the topic.

As for the book itself, Publisher's Weekly writes, "The authors put great store by serendipity and randomness, that is, letting life provide the teachable moment instead of adhering to strict schedules and plans, and they emphasized free reading, learning languages such as Chinese, music and travel rather than writing and textbook use." Looks to me like another source of inspiration to those of us who are already in the midst of homeschooling, a great (and well-researched) conversation starter for anyone considering it, and an interesting read for the unititiated.

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  1. Though my husband and I haven't had kids yet, we've been discussing homeschooling them when the time comes. I will definitely be looking into this book, because it sounds precisely like the kind of homeschooling we'd be inclined to do. (I was a public school teacher, and I wasn't inclined to be particularly structured; trying to force structure into my classroom had disastrous results.)