Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Need a laugh? Adventures in bookselling

My husband sometimes comes home with funny stories from his job at the library, which leads me to tell him, "See, this is why I hate asking people for help!" Because deep down I fear my question will win the award for silly question of the day. (I've gotten braver since becoming a parent. Because sometimes your kid just plain needs you to ask a silly question on their behalf. And that's okay.)

The Book Lady has topped even my husband's best silly questions, I think, in today's post.
When I was a therapist in my pre-bookselling life, I was often asked (usually by people at parties, on airplanes, etc.) to talk about the weirdest or most unusual things I had heard from a client. Since I was an ethical therapist, I, of course, didn’t talk about these things. Now that I sell books, I wish people would continue to ask me this question because some pretty funny things go down when you work with the general public.
Shiny silver covers, school-aged children, and feral cats, all in one post at The Book Lady's Blog.


  1. I saw The Book Lady's Blog earlier today. I laughed and laughed...

  2. ferel cats...was just to funny. the way, I tagged you for a meme ... at