Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LibraryThing Authors

The question of the week from my Library Thing group is, Who are your LibraryThing authors? What books of theirs do you have? Do you ever comment on an author's LT page? Have you received any comments from an author on your LT account?

I had no idea.

Well, I knew Sara Zarr was on Library Thing. Though I've never communicated with her, I loved Story of a Girl and am looking forward to reading her newest book, Sweethearts, soon, in fact I think it's waiting for me at the library right now.

The other author listed on my LT profile, at first I didn't even recognize the name. I clicked on it, and didn't recognize the names of any of his books, either. So I did a search of my library, and sure enough, not only did I read one of his books, not only did I review one of his books, but I'm the only review of that book on LT. And, well...it's a 2 1/2 star review. Yeah, I panned the guy.

I try not to waste my time reading books that I know I'll hate, but every once in a while I'm fooled by the cover and the blurb on the back. If there were no internet, I would've taken the book back to the library and completely forgotten the experience. Instead, I took 10 minutes to write 170 words down to remind myself why I don't want to read this guy's books anymore. But I had no idea he was a LT member. Sorry, author!


  1. Hi Ali!

    yes you are registered. I'm not finished with the list yet, but I'll try to have something like that available before nominations close. Our goal is to have the directory finished by the actual week of BBAW. I'm working on making the list available and some sort of shared feed available before that.

  2. I'm not sure I answered the question right. I thought it meant what authors are on my friends list. I need to look at my LT profile again.

  3. Awww :-) that happens sometimes I guess! :-)

  4. Lol that's too bad. There were one or two I didn't recognize either- mostly because I hadn't read their books yet :)

  5. There are a lot of things to discover on LT aren't there? Funny story!